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Red is the color of blood, the sign of liveliness and the sign of life in you. Hence, the matter of heart and life is regulated and represented by red flowers. The red flowers say it all. From ‘I love you’ to ‘I can’t live without you,’ from ‘I am pissed’ to ‘I am proud of you!’ When you find yourself fumbling for the right words to describe the situation and when you can’t figure out what might be the right gift for your special occasion, always trust the red flowers to do their job.

Red is the color of seduction and desire, which is time-bound. Hence, if you are planning to send red flowers to your soul mate, it is better to mix them up with white flowers so that you convey the right feeling, which is the desire of true and intense love.

Red blooms also represent strength and courage. They exude energy and positive vibes.

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