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Snaps’ genus name Antirrhinums is derived from the Greek word “antirrhinon” which means “nose-like.” The Greeks also called it “kynokephelon” which means “dog-headed.”

These blooms have been around for quite a while, before the day of the Roman Empire, to be specific. With that, they’ve become a solidified part of human mythology.

Symbolism: Snaps are both a symbol of deception and grace – they have been used as a charm against falsehood throughout mythology. Snaps also symbolize grace, which we know, but grace specifically while under pressure or having inner strength in difficulty. 

Meanings: Snapdragon has many meanings depending on its color. Here are just a few different colors and what their snapdragon color meaning is:

  • Yellow snaps mean smiles, happiness, and overall good luck. 
  • Red snaps symbolize love, passion, and the gift of positive energy.
  • White snaps symbolize purity, grace, innocence, and good magic.
  • Purple snaps represent spirituality and magical mysteries.

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