Koleksi: Actinotus

Actinotus ialah genus tumbuhan berbunga dari keluarga Mackinlayaceae , dengan kira-kira 18 spesies. Ia berasal dari Australasia . Ahlinya yang paling terkenal ialah Sydney Flannel Flower , tapak biasa di kawasan belukar Sydney pada musim bunga. Nama generik, yang bermaksud "dilengkapi dengan sinar" berasal daripada batang Yunani aktin- /ακτιν- "sinar" atau "sinar matahari".

Product Information

Flannel flowers are common in the sandstone country around Sydney and to the north, and have long been a popular wildflower. The leaves are silver-grey and velvety in texture, giving rise to the common name. The flowers are white and consist of 10 velvety, “petal-like” bracts, so that the flowers have a daisy-like appearance. Unlike many daisy-like flowers, the bracts in flannel flowers are soft and floppy, not stiff. Some varieties have grey or green tips to the bracts, but for the most part flowers are white throughout, including the centres. There are several flowers per branch.

These stunning blooms work fantastically in cut flower arrangements, easily elevating the appeal of any vase and space indoors. Though short-lived, usually up to 2 weeks, the cut flowers are certainly a worthy inclusion for your floral décor around the house.