Koleksi: Hidrokotil

Hydrocotyle, kadang-kadang dipanggil water pennywort, Indian pennywort, dollar weed, paya sen, penyihir berdaun tebal dan juga reput putih ialah genus tumbuhan akuatik atau separa akuatik sujud, saka yang dahulunya dikelaskan dalam keluarga Apiaceae, kini dalam keluarga Araliaceae.

Product Information

Hydrocotyle, commonly known as the "Pennywort" or "Centella," is celebrated for its delicate, circular leaves and its use in traditional herbal remedies. These perennial plants add a touch of natural elegance and herbal charm to gardens and botanical collections. Hydrocotyle's key features include its rounded leaves that often grow in a scalloped pattern, resembling miniature lily pads. These leaves can vary in shades of green and create a visually appealing and tranquil display.

Hydrocotyle embodies natural grace and botanical versatility. Whether grown for its ornamental value, utilized in herbal concoctions, or simply admired for its herbal heritage, these plants remind us of the natural elegance and healing properties found within the plant kingdom. Explore the world of Hydrocotyle and let its circular elegance inspire a sense of beauty and connection to nature's botanical treasures.