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Begonia Kingiana《圭亚那秋海棠》- (20CM)

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  • Description
  •  Begonia kingiana is a rare variety of begonia with drop-shaped leaves that are bright green along the veins and deep green in between, forming a stunning iridescent pattern. It was found by Sir George King in the late 1800s in Malaysia.

     Secret of success:
    - Prefer bright indirect sunlight.
    - Requires well-drained medium.
    - Let the soil dry out between watering.
    - Medium humidity.
    - Fertilise lightly during the growing season.


    Pot diameter: 12cm
    Plant height: 20cm (incl. pot height)

  • Plant Care Tips
  • Potting soil should be kept moist, but not wet. Of course, there are always exceptions — succulents, and other thick-leafed plants do best when the soil dries out between watering. If the soil is kept too dry or too damp the plant’s roots will begin to die, which can lead to inadequate growth or even death of the plant.

    Here are the 5 ways to check whether your plants is dehydrated and need water.

  • Item Disclaimer
  • Please note that the plant you purchase will be the same type of plant and it will be similar to the one in the photo but it will not be the actual plant photographed. The actual size and grow of the plant you are receiving may also be slight variations from the photo.