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Clematis Plant A+ Specific Soil 铁线莲-专用介质 (8L)

Clematis Plant A+ Specific Soil 铁线莲-专用介质 (8L)

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It is made with high quality raw materials and having loose characteristic.


  • Ingredients: peat moss, cocopeat, perlite, akadama, zeolite, carbonized rice husk, controlled release fertiliser, trace element 材料:泥炭,椰糠,优质轻石,赤玉土,沸石,稻壳碳,营养颗粒,微量元素
  • Good aeration, water and fertiliser retention疏松透气。持水保肥
  • Implemented with anti-root rot materials多种防根腐材料,为植物根系生长提供良好环境
  • Slow controlled fertilizer can adjust the amount of nutrient release based on plant growth 控释肥能根据植物生长所需自动调节养分释放
  • Controlled release fertiliser can last for 6 months控释肥肥效长达6个月

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