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Garden Soil Improvement Medium - (50L) 庭院土壤-改良介质

Garden Soil Improvement Medium - (50L) 庭院土壤-改良介质

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Specially formulated for home yard growing medium.


  • Ingredients: peat moss, pine bark, perlite, coco peat, slow controlled fertiliser 材料:泥炭,优质松鳞,椰糠,控释肥
  • Good fertiliser and water retention 良好的保肥性,持水性
  • Improve soil properties such as water holding, aeration and nutrient carrying 改善土壤理化性质,利于持水,透气及养分承载
  • Slow controlled fertilizer can adjust the amount of nutrient release based on plant growth and can last for 6-7 months 控释肥能根据植物生长所需自动调节养分释放, 肥效长达6到7个月

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