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Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid- Mini Black (Double Stems)

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  • Description
  • Description
  • Secret of success:
    -    Place at bright indirect sunlight spot, avoid direct sunlight.
    -    Avoid placing at spot which subject to sudden air flow from heating or air conditioning ducts, open windows or doors that are opened and closed frequently (It does not respond well to abrupt temperature changes).
    -    Provide good air flow. 
    -    Water it when the growing medium is dry out.

    Post care after bloom
    -    You can leave the flower spike intact, cut it back to a node or remove it entirely.
    -    Remove the spike entirely will direct the plant’s energy toward the root development and increased chances for new bloom spikes.
    -    Force phalaenopsis into bloom by moving them to an area where the night temperature is slightly lower (About 18°C) or hang on a tree /hang it up.
    -    Make sure the spot receives bright indirect sunlight during the day.
    -    Once a bloom spike appears, return the phalaenopsis to its normal setting.
    -    Feed the phalaenopsis with liquid fertilizer every week.