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Plant Leaf Shine Spray - 600ML 光叶剂

Plant Leaf Shine Spray - 600ML 光叶剂

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It consists of natural plant oil that can absorb dust in the air, restore the leaf to natural luster, enhance plant respiration, prevent dust attach on the leaves.

天然植物油组成, 可吸附空气中的灰尘, 使叶子恢复自然光泽, 增强植物呼吸作用, 防止灰尘附在叶子上。


Directions for use (使用方法):


ü  Shake well before use.


ü  Spray on objects directly. Keep a distance of about 40cm from the plant until the surface is slightly moist.

选择害虫出现的地方一般距离花木约40厘米的距离喷射, 直至喷射表面轻微润湿

ü  To have a better outcome, wipe the leaves before spraying.


ü  Repeat treatment monthly.



ü  Do not spray on fern plants, cactus, succulent and fragile plants.

不要喷射在蕨类植物, 仙人掌, 多肉敏感植物

ü  Do not spray under direct sunlight or when plants are blooming.


ü  Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.


ü  Keep away from kids.



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