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Plant Pesticide Spray 花木杀虫剂 (280ml)

Plant Pesticide Spray 花木杀虫剂 (280ml)

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SD insecticide spray (Suspension concentrate for direct application) gives effective control and fast killing of scale, spider mites, mealybugs, mosquitoes, flies, moths, cockroaches and etc. It has fragrance smell that does not cause damage to the plants.

使用酒精型植物杀虫剂并且采用进口拟除虫菊酯配制, 对室内花木上的菜青虫, 蚜虫, 红蜘蛛, 螨虫, 具有明显的效果, 能迅速杀灭蚊蝇等多种害虫。药效持久, 气味平和, 能迅速灭害虫, 不伤花, 不伤叶, 环保安全。


Directions for use (使用方法):


ü  Shake well before use.


ü  Spray on objects directly. Keep a distance of about 20-30cm from the plant until the surface is slightly moist.

选择害虫出现的地方一般距离花木约20-30厘米的距离喷射, 直至喷射表面轻微润湿


ü  Do not spray on human beings, pets or foods.

勿直接向人体, 宠物, 食物, 或煮食范围喷射

ü  Do wash your hands with soap and water if contact with it.

如经接触, 应以肥皂及清水清洗

ü  Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.

勿在火焰附近使用, 勿置于高温(50℃)处

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