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Voodoo Lily 《伏都百合》

Voodoo Lily 《伏都百合》

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 Voodoo Lily


Voodoo lily is a perennial generally grown as a curiosity for its interesting mottled pinkish-gray and olive-green foliage. It is native to warm subtropical to tropical areas of eastern Asia. It produces starchy edible tuber and can be used as a vegan substitute for gelatin. The tuber shrinks away as the new leaf grows and during the growing season a new, larger tuber replaces it. The single intricate leaf consists of a horizontal blade on the vertical petiole which is divided into three sections, giving an umbrella-like effect. It produces a heavy stalk bears a large, shiny brown-purple to maroon ruffled spathe (a sheathing bract) up to 3 feet long. The bloom releases an odour like a dead animal to attract the carrion flies (natural pollinators).   

Pot diameter: 12cm
Plant height: 40cm (Included pot height)


Secret of success:

: Prefers bright indirect sunlight and can tolerate some shade.
🌱: Well-drained soil.
🚿: Water thoroughly when soil is almost dry. It requires more watering during the intense heat weather.
👩🏻🌾: Fertilize heavily during the growing season.

: Do not cut off the leaf until it is completely brown.

: Keep away from kids and pets.

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