Tradescantia Flum Quadricolour 《四色白花紫露草》
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Pot diameter: 12cm
Plant height: 15cm (incl. pot height)

Tradescantia Flum Quadricolour 

Tradescantia flum quadricolour is also known as the wandering jew or spider lily. This plant is grown for its attractive foliage which is variegated with further tones of pink and red. The most striking features is deep pink on the undersides.

Pot diameter: 7cm
Plant height: 5cm (incl. pot height)


- Prefers bright filtered light. They will lose their lovely colouration and revert to mostly green when deprived of light.

- Well-drained soil.

- Water moderately when soil is dry.

- The plant is not fussy about the humidity.

- Apply liquid fertilizer every 4 weeks.

- Prune the plant when it becomes leggy.

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