Koleksi: Hoya

Hoya telah menjadi tumbuhan rumah yang popular selama beberapa dekad dan dengan alasan yang kukuh. Mereka sangat tahan lama, mempunyai dedaunan klasik, hijau tua, merambat dan menghasilkan bunga berbentuk bintang yang harum, merah jambu muda dan merah. Kerana lilin tebal mereka, dedaunan mereka sering dipanggil tumbuhan lilin atau kadang-kadang bunga porselin merujuk kepada tekstur unik bunga.

Product Information

Hoya, often referred to as the "Wax Plant" or "Hoya Carnosa," is celebrated for its cascading vines, thick waxy leaves, and unique star-shaped flowers. This resilient and charming houseplant adds a touch of natural beauty and botanical allure to homes and indoor gardens. Hoya's key features include its long, trailing vines adorned with glossy, succulent-like leaves. These leaves, often with intricate patterns and textures, create a striking backdrop for the clusters of waxy, star-shaped flowers that emerge intermittently, filling the air with a subtle, sweet fragrance.

Hoya embodies natural elegance and botanical tenacity. Whether cultivated as a decorative houseplant, used for its air-purifying qualities, or simply appreciated for its unique floral displays, these plants remind us of the enduring beauty and versatility found within the natural world, even within our indoor spaces. Explore the world of Hoya and let its cascading elegance inspire a sense of beauty and wonder in your home.