Ceropegia Woodii 《愛之蔓》6cm
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 Ceropegia Woodii ▪



Ceropegia woodii is a trailing succulent with green heart-shaped leaves that is native to South Africa. It has green tone stem and tiny tubers form on the base of the leaves. This creeper can grow up to 4 meters long and is perfect to make indoor hanging baskets. It stores water in their leaves, a good indicator to watch for is the leaves beginning to soften and look a little wilted and deflated.

Pot diameter: 6cm
Plant height: 10cm (Included pot height)



Secret of success:
Prefer plenty of bright indirect sunlight. Too much sun and too little sunlight is not suitable for its growth.
- Well-drained soil.
- It has a succulent-like nature. Water thoroughly when soil is dry out.
Fertilize lightly during the growing season.

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