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Have the freshest, brightest flowers at your event. We're perfect for weddings, releases, PR events, office, holiday parties, fundraising events and more! Let us help you create the look you're dreaming of, for all occasions.

Wedding flowers

Whether you are planning a huge celebration or an intimate gathering, we can design in detail each floral piece for your wedding, from personal flowers, ceremony flowers to reception flowers.

We take care of planning on time the delivery and decoration for that great unique and unrepeatable event. We make the wedding flowers of your dreams come true.

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Event flowers

From large corporate events to intimate dinner parties and everything in between, we are happy to design the floral for your upcoming event.

Our flowers create amazing social events celebrations which are all highly customizable, and we are ready to make it spectacular as your event florist.

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Florals & Plants in your office

It’s a proven scientific fact that living plants and flowers have a positive effect on overall health. What many people do not know however is that in-office spaces it also promotes productivity, calm energy, sense of stability and decreases stress. It also improves air quality by reducing toxins in the air.

We know that at the end of the day, businesses need to choose an option for their office environments that are economical, sustainable, low maintenance, and beautiful.

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