Flower Prep & Care

Yay! You have received your flowers! Now it is time to get all the flowers inside to rehydrate and prepare before creating your arrangements. Follow along so you know what to expect when you receive your order of flower box.

Unpack your flowers and greens

Flowers are a living piece of nature and require some essential hygiene practices to improve their vase life. We recommend the following generally, however, each species and their varieties often have individual requirements to bloom.

Weekly Flower Bunch

Receive unique hand-tied bouquets delivered to your home every week! Order it... 

Weekly Flower Bunch

Receive unique hand-tied bouquets delivered to your home every week! Order it... 

Form bud to bloom

Some flowers are sent in bud form, so they’re at their freshest when they come through the door. Once you receive your fresh flower delivery, you can expect to watch your blooms progress from stage to stage.At first, your bouquet might not look exactly like its picture. The first thing you want to do is give those stems a trim and place them in fresh water with flower food. After at least one day, the buds will start to open. Each one opens up at its own pace so you need to be patient. Once they are fully open, you will enjoy the abundant beauty of these flowers for several days. To keep them fresh, make sure that you change the water every couple of days and trim the stems when necessary.

Arrange your bouquet like a pro

While anyone can plop a handful of flowers into a vase, there is a little more thought and technique that goes into the art of flower arranging. Learn how to arrange flowers and create a colorful, professional-looking bouquet.

Answers to your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

My flowers are in poor condition.

As most of our flowers arrive in bud, is it expected for some stems to arrive looking droopy or squashed on arrival, but not too worry as they will perk up once popped in water.However if your flowers have arrived damaged or with any other quality concern please reach out to us with photos if possible and we will sort out for you immediately.

My flowers look droopy or sad

Don’t worry! We do send all our blooms dry so they will be thirsty when they arrive to you. Flowers and greenery use water to prop-up their stems, so if yours look droopy or sad, they’ll just need a trim, an overnight drink and to help them perk up agin.Watch our flower care tips that might help you.

My flowers looks different from the photo.

Every stem is unique so sometimes colors vary or we'll need to use a substitution to give you the best bouquet! We try wherever possible to always send something similar or equivalent or an upgrade.We do send our blooms out in bud form, which means the bouquet may not look as expected upon arrive to you. Once the blooms have been trimmed, watered and arranged in a vase you will see that the buds start to bloom over the next few days.

My flowers didn't last long.

Most of our flowers would last for 7 days. Some may last up to 10 days with regular stem trims and water changes. But you’ll find that some stems naturally don’t last as long and will need taking out of your vase earlier. Blooms such as tulips and peonies are naturally have shorter vase life that last only around 5 days.