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Hippeastrum 《朱顶红》White

Hippeastrum 《朱顶红》White

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  • Hippeastrum •



Hippeastrum or amaryllis bulbs does not bloom simultaneously, the overall flowering periods lasts a fairly long time. Once the bulbs have flowered, they can be stored and brought into flower again. Leaves will die back to nothing after blooming. A few months later, the released stored energy will trigger the rapid growth of leafless flower stalks rising out from the bottom.


Pot diameter: 10cm
Plant height: 20cm (incl. pot height)


Secret of success:

☀️: Prefer bright indirect sunlight. Insufficient light will cause the flower stalk to fall over.

🌱: Well-drained soil.

🚿: Allow soil to dry out in between waterings during active growing. (Keep the medium moist when in dormant state).

💦: Prefer medium-high humidity.

: Fertilise lightly once the blooms are faded and the leaf straps have emerged from the plant itself.


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