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Osmocote 14-14-14 (500g) 缓释肥

Osmocote 14-14-14 (500g) 缓释肥

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Osmocote 14-14-14, the original time tested and proven resin coated fertilizer, safely and consistently delivers N-P-K nutrition for up to 4 months. Often used in greenhouse production as a base feed, it is incorporated into the growing media or top dressed onto hanging baskets at point of sale to provide long term nutrition to the green goods consumer.

Target Crops/Special Uses

General purpose formulation for a wide variety of plant types especially those needing a boost of phosphorus.



  • Homogeneous Osmocote NPK delivers nutrition consistently for many months
  • Provides a sustained supply of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium critical for proper plant growth and development
  • Safe & predictable nutrient release
  • Eliminates repeated applications, saving time, labor, and ultimately cost

Longevity at the following

Average Media Temperature (°F)

60°F (15℃)

70°F (21℃)

80°F (26℃)

90°F (32℃)





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