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Insect Repellent Spray (Concentrated Plant Based Essential oil) 浓缩植物精油驱虫剂 50ml

Insect Repellent Spray (Concentrated Plant Based Essential oil) 浓缩植物精油驱虫剂 50ml

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Insect Repellent Spray (Concentrated Plant Based Essential oil)

植物精油驱虫剂 - 芳香纯天然安全温和

  • Pure natural plant essential oil extracted from yucca 丝兰属植物提取的纯天然植物精油
  • Safe for plants, higher level animals, bees, ladybugs and etc. No resistance to target pests对植物, 高等动物及蜜蜂, 瓢虫等安全, 对靶标害虫不产生抗性
  • The small surface tension of the essential oil can quickly cover the surface of the pest, physically closed the pores and conduits, and at the same time it can quickly dissolve the fat layer and wax layer of the epidermis of the adult pest and eggs and disintegrate the protection of the pest’s body surface. Without protection, it will be wiped out due to dehydration 精油液较小的表面张力, 可以快速布满害虫体表, 气孔和导管进行物理封闭的同时, 快速溶解害虫成虫及虫卵表皮的脂肪层和蜡质层瓦解害虫体表防护, 虫体失去防护, 就会因脱水而群灭


Apply to





红蜘蛛, 蓟马, 蚜虫, 白粉虱, 螨类等害虫

Red spiders, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, mites and other pests


Dilute 100-200 times for foliar spraying

(About 1ml stock solution per dropper)


3-5天后, 如仍有零星害虫存货可再补喷一次

Spray evenly on the stem, front and back of the infected leaves. After 3-5 days, respray if there is any presence of pests

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