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Littleleaf boxwood is an evergreen shrub in the Buxaceae (boxwood) family and native to Japan. Buxus is the Latin name for boxwood or box tree. The common name of boxwood refers to the wood used to make carved decorative boxes. Another etymology is that boxwood describes the square stems of its young plants. 

Like other boxwoods, littleleaf boxwood prefers moist, cool, well-drained soil and is adaptable to various soil types. Since the roots are shallow, mulch heavily to help retain moisture. Once established this plant is typically quite drought tolerant. Plant in full sun to light shade but provide some protection from wind and winter weather, as foliage tends to turn an orangish-brown with extremes on some varieties. It prunes exceptionally well, but do not prune until after the possibility of a late spring frost to prevent damage to new growth.  Propagate by stem cuttings, which root easily. This plant is resistant to damage by rabbits and deer.

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