Collection: Brassica

Leafy peony or Habotan (scientific name:Brassica oleracea var. sabellicar) is native to Western Europe and is a cold-resistant annual or perennial grass of family Brassicaceae. It was made to appreciate leaves that developed by improving the Kale division rather than appreciating the flower stalks of yellow flowers, which is unique to Brassicaceae. Leaf appreciation period is from October to April of the following year. There are layered ones that are similar to cabbage and folded ones. If it grows too much, the stem becomes more woody and one kind of impressive force comes out.

In the same genus, cabbage, "Kale" of the original type of cabbage, "Kohlrabi" where the stem becomes edible, "Broccoli, cauliflower, axillary buds are edible "bud cabbage", purple leaves "purple cabbage".

Flower language: "wraps love".

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