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A botanical marvel that celebrates the enchanting beauty and intriguing characteristics of these captivating flowering plants. Explore our collection and immerse yourself in the unique allure of Oxypetalum, infusing your surroundings with their delicate grace and natural wonder.

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Oxypetalum, commonly known as "Night-Blooming Jasmine" or "Queen of the Night," is a captivating and mysterious flower celebrated for its heavenly fragrance and nocturnal blossoms. These perennial vines are native to South America and are admired for their unique charm. Oxypetalum's waxy, star-shaped flowers are pure white and exude a rich, sweet scent, particularly in the evening, when they unfurl their blossoms. These night-blooming flowers add a touch of enchantment to moonlit gardens and patios.

These remarkable plants are not only admired for their celestial allure but also for their resilience and adaptability. Oxypetalum serves as a reminder of the beauty and wonder found within the natural world, especially during the tranquil hours of the night. Explore the celestial world of Oxypetalum and let its blossoms inspire a sense of mystery and serenity in your evening landscapes.