Collection: Bird Of Paradise

Strelitzia is a genus of five species in the family Strelitziaceae, native to southern Africa. With its vibrant blooms and shape that resembles the head of an exotic bird, Strelitzia is one of the most unusual-looking flowers. It produces long-stalked leaves with striking, unique and colorful flowers that make it look alive, like a brightly colored bird. Strelitzia is one of the most popular tropical flowers that perform well in bouquets and arrangements, adding an often needed tropical flair.

Meaning: The genus name was given in honor of Queen Charlotte (1744 – 1818), wife of George III, who was a princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Duchess. The plant is also known as the “Bird of Paradise”, because it looks like a beautiful bird with a crown of feathers. The common name “Crane Flower” refers to the shape of the flower.

Symbolism: Strelitzia is a symbol of thoughtfulness, joy and beauty. It also represents freedom and immortality.

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