Collection: Veronica

Veronica is a genus of about 200 species of herbaceous perennials in the family Plantaginaceae, mostly native to the Northern Hemisphere with some species from the Southern Hemisphere. Veronica has tall spikes covered with showy, tubular or saucer-shaped flowers which bloom from spring to autumn. The flowers are so bright and beautiful, and attractive to many pollinators.

Meaning: The genus name refers to Saint Veronica, an Italian saint. Some also believe that the name is derived from the Latin words “vera”, which means “true”, and “icon”, meaning “image”, in reference to the “Veil of Veronica” which was considered in medieval times as the truthful representation of Jesus Christ, preceding the Shroud of Turin. The common name “Speedwell” refers to the plant’s supposed medicinal properties to support a quick return to health.

Symbolism: Veronica represents loyalty and fidelity.

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