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Tree of smoke (Smoke tree, scientific name:Cotinus coggygria) is genus daviesia having deciduous shrubs or small trees in southern Europe, the Himalayas, China Southern Plateau. In the Meiji era was brought to Japan. Small 5 petaled flower panicles unremarkable bit of summer, and large numbers of sterile give flowers. Sterility was ended in the summer, 5 petaled flower, small fruit, watch a figure stretched into a narrow inflorescence of flowers, looks like smoke.

Flower name comes from the tree that looks like a smoke so, Smoke tree smoke and haze in smoke tree, also called look so called trees of haze. Also, also called daviesia having (polar bear trees), but depends on over (carving), made from the flower is native to Tibet to shaggy yaks (Yak) hair and tail ornaments that look like it.

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