Collection: Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is one of the most popular foliage that is used by florists. The reason for this popularity is the delicious smell and beautiful colors. Most species have a silver-blue to gray-green color; this color palette fits perfectly in nowadays home decorating trends. It’s also possible to receive colored varieties, for example brown-yellow leaves in autumn and red-orange in winter. Eucalyptus is year-round available and through the coloring seasonal usable. There are a lot of varieties available, the most popular ones are Baby Blue (Spiral), Cinera, Parvifolia, and Nicholii.

For the Aboriginals, Eucalyptus is a sacred tree. It got the nickname Fever tree., because they use the bark and resin of the trees by treating fever and problems with the respiratory tract. The leaves have a purifying effect, and negative energies disappear when you burn a Eucalyptus leaf. Insects, especially flies, don’t like the smell of Eucalyptus. The same smell is very popular and often used in wellness and hammam products.

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