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Nepenthes Alata 《翼状猪笼草》

Nepenthes Alata 《翼状猪笼草》

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  • Nepenthes Alata •



Nepenthes also called tropical pitcher plant or monkey cup. All the species are carnivorous plants that capture insects and other prey by means of modified pitcher-shape leaves that function as passive pitfall traps. The prey often attracted by nectar secreted from the underside of the trap’s lid and slip into a pool of liquid at the bottom and are unable to escape. The animals drown and are eventually digested by enzymes.

It is a medium size, robust growing carnivorous tropical pitcher plant with 8” green pitchers tinted red with speckles.


Pot diameter: 15cm
Plant height: 30cm (incl. pot height)


Secret of success:

☀️: Most tropical pitcher plants prefer very bright light, but without much direct sun. Spindly leaves and a lack of colouration are signs of insufficient light.

🌱: Enjoy a loose, low nutrition growing medium.

🚿: Keeping the soil damp at all times and never letting it dry out.

💦: Humidity should be high at all times. A lack of developing pitchers is a sign of low humidity.

: Feed the plants with insects where they will not able to catch their own food. Overfeed will cause the pitchers to turn black and rot. It also benefits from foliar fertilisation.


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Fresh-Cut Flower Care Tips

Here are some simple tips to help keep fresh cut flowers fresh:

  • Keep them away from sunlight or any heat source.
  • Give the stems a diagonal trim and place them in clean, cool water. 
  • Change the water every 2-3 days.
  • Make sure you remove any leaves that are beneath the water line.

See flower prep & care section for more information.

Dried/Preserved Flower Care Tips

  • Always display dried flowers indoors, to keep them protected from the elements.
  • Keep your dried flowers away from direct sunlight, areas of bright light and away from humidity.
  • Sprinkling water or perfume can cause damage
  • Avoid crushing, pressing or folding flower.
  • If the preserved flower is stained by the dust, you can clean the preserved flower with the blower blowing softly 20cm away from the flower.
  • Temperature changes should be avoided to prevent humidity which could affect your blossoms.

Plant Care Tips

Most plants thrive in high humidity — around 80%.

Using a humidifier can help, but there are other ways to increase the moisture in the air near your plants. A small tray containing pebbles and water can boost local humidity as can grouping plants more closely together. Daily misting of the plant’s leaves can help as well. For some plants, such as gardenias and orchids, keeping them in a bathroom or the kitchen (both usually have a higher humidity) can help.

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