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Philodendron Florida Ghost《佛罗里达幽灵蔓绿绒》

Philodendron Florida Ghost《佛罗里达幽灵蔓绿绒》

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Philodendron Florida Ghost 

The Philodendron Florida Ghost is a fun plant named for its white leaves that resemble little flying ghosts. It is one of the most sought-after houseplants. So if you are an Aroid collector this is a must in your collection. 

Pot diameter: 15

Plant height: 25cm (incl. pot height)

Secret of success:
☀️: Bright indirect sun

: Water when the top inch or so has dried out and always keep your plant in a pot with drainage holes.

🌡️: Prefers temperature between 18℃ to 30℃. Protect them from extreme cold and heat.
💦: Thrives in high humidity.

👩🏻🌾: Feed your plant with a nitrogen-rich liquid houseplant fertilizer diluted to half strength. Always water before fertilizing, as adding fertilizer to dry soil can harm your philodendron Florida Ghost's leaves. Fertilize it once a month

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Fresh-Cut Flower Care Tips

Here are some simple tips to help keep fresh cut flowers fresh:

  • Keep them away from sunlight or any heat source.
  • Give the stems a diagonal trim and place them in clean, cool water. 
  • Change the water every 2-3 days.
  • Make sure you remove any leaves that are beneath the water line.

See flower prep & care section for more information.

Dried/Preserved Flower Care Tips

  • Always display dried flowers indoors, to keep them protected from the elements.
  • Keep your dried flowers away from direct sunlight, areas of bright light and away from humidity.
  • Sprinkling water or perfume can cause damage
  • Avoid crushing, pressing or folding flower.
  • If the preserved flower is stained by the dust, you can clean the preserved flower with the blower blowing softly 20cm away from the flower.
  • Temperature changes should be avoided to prevent humidity which could affect your blossoms.

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